Favourite Features

The kitchen, with its wonderful views on three sides, is the heart of the house.

Extra wide benches in kitchen.

The slow combustion stove is marvellous in winter, adding so much to the comfy nature of the kitchen.

The view from almost every window.

The views to the north vary from day-to-day and the season to season.

So many different birds visit and/ or live in the garden quite close to the house – wrens, honey-eaters, wagtails, wattle-birds and Rosella among others.

The irregular layout of much of the garden with twisting paths produces many surprises along with a sense of tranquility.

The box-iron bark forest remnant is a wonderful backdrop to the views to the south-west and is also home to an even wider range of birds.

We have established a very productive vegie garden and a good range of young fruit trees are developing nicely.

The roses: splashes of colour from late September to May regardless of weather conditions.

Stargazing on clear nights is brilliant – so many of our overseas visitors are spell-bound by it if they are here on a good night.

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